The beginning.


So for anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve moved to South America for a little while. At the moment I am living in Lima, Peru volunteering over here working on cricket development, something a bit different to say the least.
I’ve never written a blog before so this is quite a new experience as well!
Not really sure how it works but I’ll wing it for the meantime.

For me travelling takes you on a journey through a large spectrum of emotions and experiences, that can see you exploring the depths of your being, pushing yourself to highs and lows that you never imagined; and the moments that help you to grow and learn about yourself, are often the least obvious.
It could be a conversation with a stranger, an interaction in the street, the connecting of two like minded energies, or on the contrary, the way we deal with a negative energy or change.
It could even be a moment of complete and utter despair and upset that sees you questioning yourself and your purpose; yet it is these moments that can often come to define your experience.

My aim when I travel is to recognize all these little moments, the connections I make each day, the little interactions that see me looking at myself and the world differently.
For me, the purpose of travelling transcends crossing geographical borders for the sake of ticking off a box on a bucket list; every border I cross opens my mind a little wider, allowing me to see the world differently.
It allows  me learn more about myself and it really enforces how, despite cultural and geographical separation, we are all fighting the same battles, and are all on the same crazy, exciting adventure through life together.

Traveling emphasizes the importance of connecting with people.
We don’t realize how much we, as individuals, have got to teach each other.
Every day you will affect someones life, you will make them see the world differently and you will teach them something new, whether it be through positive or negative actions/decisions.

Ultimately we are all teachers in life, unaware of the way we are helping to shape the journey of others; but being a teacher isn’t about getting the verbal recognition that you have made an impact.
It is about trusting that, in being your true self and living a life full of passion for the things and people you love, that an imprint will be made that will inspire others to teach and love in their own way.

I think we all just need to focus on stripping back the layers that we put over our true being, and trust that when we approach each day with abandon, and embrace life with love and inhibition, that every day you will be giving a gift to those around you.
And this follows on from any so called ‘mistakes’ we make.
These mistakes will have been made for a reason; not only will you learn from them, but you will teach others.
Everyone is a messenger for others in their own right, regardless of whether they affect someone with negative or positive actions.

The people who trigger us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed part of our being- Teal Swan

I guess the main point for me is that we all have so much power that we ourselves don’t even recognize, every day, without trying, you will have a profound affect on someones life.
I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world to allow yourself to connect with people regardless of: gender, race, religion, sexuality and all the other divides that we allow the media and society to enforce.
We really do have to step out of the bubble of society and create our own bubble and trust that our own individual bubble will outweigh the oppressive nature of the collective.

So I went off on a bit of a tangent there! I guess to sum up:
Ultimately I strive to live a life without inhibition, and although that is sometimes hard to enforce, I trust that I will connect with like minded energies that will help me grow, and welcome any negative occurence as a chance to grow.
I’m looking forward to all the challenges and connections to be made in my travels and I’m looking forward to starting this blog so I can share some of the ups and downs of this new chapter of my life!

Anyway, for anyone who wants to keep updated of my travels/day to day life, here is the place to look. In the meantime, drink lots of tea and smile!

Much love always        




3 thoughts on “The beginning.

  1. Hi Sam, Its Nan, and I have to say how profound your blog was, you are certainly maturing quickly, and I hope the experiences make you a more rounded person, keen to see the other person’s point of view, learn to chuck out all the unneeded rubbish in life, and concentrate on what is necessary. We are already gaining a lot from your trip to Peru finding out what a lovely country it is, especially Lima and more than anything, I hope you can leave a mark on the lives of those youngsters you are coaching, and maybe some day you will see one or two of them taking part in the tennis we are watching here in Melbourne right now, what a thrill that would be. Keep up the good work! Lots of love – Nan.


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