What am I doing here?


So for some of you, you still probably have no idea what I am actually doing over here!
You know it has something to do with cricket.

Well, basically for the past 2 months, from about a day after I arrived in Lima, I’ve been working (volunteering) at LCFC (Lima Cricket and Football Club) during the summer sports academy with kids ranging from the ages of 7-14.
I have also been working in Magdelena some afternoons during the week, as well as on other nights setting up combined cricket matches for the kids to get experience playing actual partidos.
So it has been a busy, exhausting, yet mostly rewarding couple of months.

It has been challenging I will admit, but I have been learning a lot,and honestly when you begin to look at the universe and what it serves up to us each day, you realize….SCREECH. HOLD UP THERE SAM!

Don’t worry dedicated readers of my blog (i.e mum, dad and nanny  😛 ), no more speak about this universe thing I keep blabbing on about, and neither about all these different energies that surrounds us.
I’m throwing you all a line, a long sturdy rope to help you climb back up from the very bottom of the well of my thoughts that you find yourself in.

Don’t really know what I’ve drawn here, but there is your rope 😛 haahah

I’m giving you all a breather from the sometimes murky, sometimes perky depths of my mind.
Hopefully you don’t have to think too much for this one.
Everything I write will be looking from a positive point of view!

So back to the post; these classes, I teach them all in Spanish, which means I get to be surrounded by and speak Spanish all the time!
The kids are unforgiving as well, but only in the best of ways!
Whenever I make a mistake or pronounce something wrong, they will correct me and a few special ones have made it their priority to help me out when needed.
I hope my Spanish is getting better, it is one of those things that you can never tell yourself how much or little you have improved!

Anyway, the classes I’ve been teaching, I have had to make detailed lesson plans each week (in Spanish), which has been even more practice!

This week we had ‘la clausura’ for all the summer academies, which is basically like the graduation where all the parents come to watch the classes to see their kids progress.
I was a little nervous having to teach all 8 classes in front of all of their parents but it went so well!
All the kids had a lot of fun, which is the main goal for me when I’m designing the classes.

Here is some photos of the clausura in Magdalena, we gave our certificates to everyone at the end and then we all shared traditional Peruvian snack food together.

Young Catalina- successful sportswoman in the making
Camilo is batting, Angela bowling


Camilo, ripper bowler and batter, going to be a great cricketer 

It was an incredible end to a intense two months, I didn’t realize how much work I have put in until now, and after the last summer class yesterday I could finally breathe a moment and reflect.

These kind of challenges are so great for your self development, even though I’ve had some challenging days, I really do learn so much from every experience.
Every smart ass remark a kid makes about me saying a word wrong or using a verb in the wrong context, I learn from it, and then I appreciate it all the more so when I’m speaking to someone else, and I am aware of the errors, and then gradually I replace the wrong conjugations with the right ones, and that mistake ceases to be a mistake and rather a lesson instead.

Below are some photos of the clausura from yesterday! Final classes of the summer before school starts back, and so will begin the school run’s from now on! A new chapter of my trip.


I’m so content that I started off this trip like this, it has pushed me to my limits, but it is only from these situations that we grow the most!

Anyway, I hope I’ve given a little glimpse into what I’ve been doing over here in Lima!
2 months in almost!

I will stop the blog Spam now.


Sam x



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