San Bartolo- a story in photos and captions


Ok, so I decided to give you all a break from my musings and tell you a story through pictures.
Every photo has a story behind it, a memory that took place, that, for the vast majority of the time, no one will ever find out.
So in the following photos I will divulge a few splendid moments.
A few weeks ago now I met some cool people at a beer festival and they invited me to their beach house in San Bartolo, a tiny little beach side town which is about 40 minutes down the south coast of Lima, so the following is some of the pictures from the weekend.


We were standing on a old, broken down balcony (that I had very little confidence in) with these two older Peruvian men, Chamelo and Javier, who Yuli knew well, overlooking this beautiful sunset in San Bartolo. They cooked us a traditional Peruvian Parilla for dinner.


Sunny San Bartolo, view from our beach house: Alannah and I went for a walk and bought ice cream from the best place on the strip- after sampling many (yes I was that person 😛 ), I decided to get two scoops (why get one scoop for 5 sol when you can get 2 scoops for 7! ). I got Maracuya (pasisonfruit) and Lucuma Chocolate swirl! DIVINEEEEEE!



This was the first night of our stay, it was actually pretty cold, but me and Alannah were determined to go in the water, so we climbed the rocks and let the water crash over us. 
Lets play a game “Who has the longest arm!?”

IMG_9116Patsy and Yuli- Dancing queens; basically the whole night we went out, before and after, was spent with me trying to imitate their dance moves, trying to be sexy like Shakira. I was a tough client to work with 😛 


I met Alannah at a beer festival in Lima where she was with her boyfriend Kevin! They have been together for 8 years and had been traveling for 8 months or so throughout South America! They were THE coolest couple and as soon as I met her, I could tell Alannah and me were kindred spirits. It was one of the first times in Lima where I felt completely myself talking to someone. Alannah was also with me when I was robbed at Gamarra so we went through a little bit together, an experience for both of us to take something from! Alannah was so great at Gamarra, it was her first time and only time there and I left her in the middle of the market to run after this robber without thinking! So I thank her for her understanding. She was so helpful and supportive and she shouted me a Choclo corn afterwards and we gorged on the incredibly spicy corn, our mouths burning and faces steaming all the negative, angry energy as we laughed about what had just happened on the bus on the way home. Alannah isn’t in Lima anymore but I will always remember her fondly and I know we will catch up around the track. MUCH LOVE ALANNAH DARLING ❤ 


Unfortunately I don’t remember what we were laughing about, but I love this photo!!! Patsy looks so happy, what beauty!  

So there are a few snapshots of a weekend away.

At the time it was just what I needed to get away and breathe, I need to do it more often though.                                                                                               Saludos, Sam x


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