Sketches from my life and my mind..

This photo of a llama has no relevance to the post- but I got to see a llama!

So I’ve always loved drawing and painting and all arty things, but it has been a long time since I’ve practiced, so I’m a little out of touch !
Regardless of this, I still believe it is such a healthy meditation routine to get into it, even if you’re not the best artist in the world.

So lately I’ve just been going bike riding up the coast and finding nice places to draw that inspire me.
(Oh another thing! I bought a bike off my friend Josh! Thanks Josh 😀 )

I’ve never been spectacular at drawing, but I do rather enjoy it, regardless of ability.
A lot of my creations are a bit weird…but they are the snapshot into my life that can’t be captured by a camera.

I became conscious of some important things while I was sketching these.
I remembered how exhausting and time consuming drawing can be, and I began to be very critical of my attempts, also a little ashamed of them.

There I was, sitting on a hill with my sketch book, an array of pencils ranging from 2B to 8B by my side, eyes fixed on the horizon and everything that surrounded it as I meticulously studied the landscape and sea.
I’m sure the passers by at first probably thought I was some fancy artist type creating a masterpiece.
I could feel, and see some of them trying to peer over my shoulder to see what I was doing…as though it were weird that a person was sitting there all decked out with pencils and paper.

I felt self conscious at first, I used my left handedness to my advantage, shielding what I had been drawing (left handers will understand what I mean 😛 ).
For some reason,  I felt like a fraud.
What was I doing here trying to pretend to be some sort of artist?

I was losing my patience with myself as I tried to make the perfect sketch.
Then I asked myself…does it need to be perfect?

I suddenly remembered the reason why I love drawing, painting, and all things arty so much.
It is not perfection you are seeking, but rather a pursuit of emotional serenity or release.
I realized that it didn’t need it to be flawless.
What I was trying to do was capture a moment in my mind, to take myself away to another world for an hour or two.
Perfection cannot be captured by a camera, there is no finite definition of the word, and that concept should be applied to everything we do in life.

Don’t ever feel self conscious about any ability you have; whether it be drawing, playing music, playing sports, because if you really enjoy them,
then who is really judging you?

We are often our own worst critic, but why?
Appreciate the effort and energy that you put into things, and push yourself to try new things!

I hate it when people limit themselves and say things like:
“Oh I can’t do that…. I’m not good at this…I could never do that”
It is such a sad mentality to have!
You’re cutting yourself off from so many experiences just because you think you have to be a natural at something to succeed and enjoy it.
You may not be Leonardo Davinci, Led Zepplin or Messi, but that is inconsequential.

We all need to take the pressure off ourselves and enjoy the imperfections in life; if anything, for me, imperfection is more endearing.

So ultimately, I’m not going to apologize for the lack of precision in my drawings. I’m not going to make excuses for why they aren’t perfect.
I’m just going to leave you some pieces of my mind to look at.

Much love.

Sam x







2 thoughts on “Sketches from my life and my mind..

  1. Samantha you are becoming quite a Dali or even Picasso with your art, very interesting, and a lovely way to spend time and capture the scenery around you. Well done. Nan


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