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So here it comes. The next installment of Sam’s life in Peru.
I don’t really know how to begin writing this one; it is one of those times when there is so much to say, and I just don’t know what is relevant, or where to begin.
What do you guys want to know?

It has been a big few months now, I have finally passed the three month hump month and am galloping towards the fourth.
Honestly, time is a weird concept for me right now, I know that physically, I have been here for just over 3 and a half months, but mentally it feels like a lifetime at times; although I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Sometimes people comment or ask me, when are you coming home,  or, do you miss home.
It’s an interesting question that I don’t know how to answer directly, because right now, I’ve made this place, my home.

To actually find that feeling of home, you need to surrender to your environment and also embrace the life you have arrived in, and believe in your permanence there, regardless of how long you plan to stay.
Through this belief you will begin to feel more connected with the people, with the traditions, with the earth and the energy that you find yourself amongst.
So for me, it is important for my own self development here, to call this place home.

This isn’t to say Lima is perfect by any stretch, it certainly has its frustrations:

The incredibly terrible traffic… the incessant honking of car horns…the weird misty fog that covers ALL the sky randomly like you’re in a ghost town…no one EVER replies to emails… always count on everything starting at least an hour later, if not more, than it was planned…the fact that NO ONE ever looks where they are going and then gets angry at you when they walk straight into you…there is no such thing as a pedestrian… and the list goes on.

Yet it is within all these petty imperfections, that I find my home, and that is because home is never perfect.
Home can’t be home without your own pet hates, and you really have to acknowledgefeel and accept the frustrations before being able to appreciate the beauty, and love the things and people around you.
Home becomes home, when you make friends; when you create a little family that transcends blood ties.
Home becomes home, when you start to spread your roots and give yourself commitments and goals for the future.
Home, can be anywhere in the world; it is not a figurative object, it is a sensation; one of the most enlightening and peaceful feelings you can have when it finally surfaces.


Anyway,  I guess for me, I feel like I’ve really started to make this often dysfunctional city, a home. I’ve been putting my roots down.

I recently have started doing yoga at Lima Yoga where one of the teachers is my main girl Shelby.
[quick BIO on Shelby: Shelby is working here in Lima longterm for a Non-Profit Organization, Huaywasi. Huaywsi is an artisan product line by the non-profit Light and Leadership Initiative, which offers both sustainable economic and educational development to female artisans working in Huaycán, Lima, Peru.
Huaywasi artisans receive fair wages, product development support, additional skill training if needed and are able to work in a safe environment (often their homes). Additionally, Huaywasi artisans participate in weekly workshops covering a variety of topics such as nutrition, mental health, yoga, financial education and more,
I took this description from the Huaywasi page, if you want more information look at the link , it is such an incredible organization that does so much for the community.
I’ve already bought many products, and each product you buy you get a picture of the woman that made it for you and it tells you a little about her life.
It is so good to be connected with the products you buy and know that the money you spend is going towards helping these woman survive,  feeding their children and supporting their families, not at some big cooperation that is exploiting workers and paying them nothing.
So there is what Shelby does in a nutshell, and all the while doing this she teaches yoga, as well as she is in a Peruvian girls rock band, pretty impressive!!]

Ok, so back to yoga after that little tangent.
I’ve been going once a day which has been so good for my body and my mind.
It is such an important thing to take time out for yourself  each day and meditate;
to take yourself away from the daily stresses and just focus on your breathing, and the control and strength of your body.
I’m so excited to be learning and pushing myself with a new pursuit.
Hopefully by the time I get back I will be a flexible and bendy Sam #SamYogiMaster 😛

I’ve already had one semi-embarrassing experience in the class. #ClassicSam (I think we should make this a hash-tag for whenever I, or anyone else for that matter does something that would only ever happen to Sam).

So I was in this hot power yoga class, and we were asked to do some comfortable pose in the wind down to the class. I saw the majority of people were doing bridges so I thought lets do this Sam, you know how to do a bridge, you show them yogi masters how it’s done.


So I proceeded to get into my bridge, but as I got into a comfortable position I realized my hands were quite sweaty and I was sliding slowly towards the edge of the yoga mat. The teacher walked over to me and tried to explain that I wasn’t meant to be sliding off the mat, to which I replied in a whisper, “Estoy mojada”.
Now this literally translates to I am wet, which I thought was a good freestyle substitute while not being able to think of the word for sweaty (as I wavered in my bridge, upside down, stretched to my limit on the border of mat and floor), but obviously there were some dirty minds in the class, hence in the middle of a meditative state, half the class burst out in whispered giggles… goodness me!

Anyway onto other things..I’ve still been working hard teaching and developing cricket over here, which I am loving.
I have my Saturday classes in Lince, my Tuesdays and Fridays at Markham, my Wednesdays at LCFC and my Thursdays at Chamachumbi, as well as I’ve been playing 2 games of cricket every Sunday for the past few weeks! It has been such good fun!
I am honestly living cricket at the moment, I spend 95% of my time in sports clothes and uniforms.
I think the people that actually know me here would actually be surprised if they saw me in anything other than sports clothes. (yes I’m one of those people that wears runners all the time).

In terms of routine, I also have my weekly/bi-weekly market trips with Shelby and Lucille! Two of my good friends here, they are the sweetest gals going around.
Here are a few pictures from a gelati outing in Barranco.

Shelby and Lucille- LOVE THEM SO MUCH, you can see the quality in my camera photos #nofilter #actually there is no filter, this is how it took the photo hahah
2 scoops is never enough…NEVER.

Here are some photos of the incredibly fresh fruit and veggies we buy on our market days!

green beans
80 cents AUD Pineapple, also a cactus fruit called ‘Tuna’, it is like an even better version of watermelon except it has prickles on it which you have to be careful about
70 cents AUD
Some of the sweetest mangoes I’ve ever eaten despite the greenness- $1.40 per kilo AUD
40 cents each AUD for these huge babies

Moving on from food, in other plans I’M GOING TO JOSE GONZALEZ  ON May 3!
(Who most of you will remember from the soundtrack of ‘Walter Mitty’. If you haven’t heard of him before please go listen now and give your ears a present).

It is going to be a garden show, I’m so excited.

Oh ! Also I’ve been practicing drawing a bit more, working on portraits of people which I haven’t done in so long.
So here are my first attempts, still works in progress but I’m trying to improve, the proportion is still a little off on some parts of the body but as they say here poco a poco (little by little).


So, that is about all for today folks… I have managed to write another essay for my blog, so thank you for your patience and time if you have got this far!
I wish I could write this many words that easily when I was at University, if only!
If you ever have any questions about what I’m doing here, or just in general want to catch up, please send me a message!
Even though I’m on the other side of the world doesn’t mean I dont want to know whats going on over there (there= wherever YOU the reader are reading this from, yes I’m talking to YOU! Whether it be from France, Australia, England or even Peru!)


Sending lots of love and good energy your way

Hasta la próxima chicos ❤




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