Holiday fun times.

Hello avid readers of the life and times of Sam!

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote so I thought I would fill in a few gaps.

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 10 months since I set off on this adventure in South America from the Land of Vegemite and Kangaroos, otherwise known as, Australia.
I’m still developing cricket in Peru, and no matter how many times I tell the story of what I’m doing here, I still get a good chuckle out of the reaction each time. [see below]

You coach cricket…in Peru?

The past few months have been pretty groovy and fantastic.
I was incredibly lucky and grateful to have my special one Alex come and visit me for 5 weeks so, we made the most of it and went on a little holiday around South America in July.


Our journey starts at the airport in Lima where I was waiting (im)patiently for Alex to walk through the arrival gates.
I don’t know about any of you, but for me, going to the airport can be a very tense experience.
Whether you are waiting for a visit from a loved one, or visiting a loved one yourself, it has a tendency to feel like you are on the starting blocks of a 100m sprint at the Olympics, waiting to hear the gun sound before you can bolt off to the finish line.

My heartbeat pounded as I stood there, watching as each stranger walked through the arrival gates into an embrace, I remained there on edge, waiting for my own cue to run.

It seemed like an eternity before the gun sounded, then suddenly I caught a glimpse of the classic blue and white striped jumper that Alex always wears.

I hadn’t really planned the greeting, I thought I would just go with whatever I felt in the moment.
After 6 months without seeing Alex, I was quite excited to be in her physical presence once more, so who knew what to expect!
I most certainly threw away all rational as I saw her coming through those doors. I sped off like Usain Bolt.
(or rather I like to imagine it looked like that, but realistically I probably looked
like this

30 Rock

It was certainly a reunion to behold!
I would completely understand someone mistaking that we were in the auditions for Love Actually 2.
We are still waiting for the callback 😉 ).

So after the airport scene, the trip had officially begun!
I showed Alex around my life in Lima; from cricket, to yoga, to simply going to the market for food!
From Lima we headed off to explore the magical city of Cusco, as well as to complete the 4 day Inca trail.13900468_10154445912968149_917372764_n

Completing the Inca trail was one of the best experiences of my life, incredibly challenging but so worth it.

I’ve never experienced such breathtaking beauty and had it all to myself.
The energy in Cusco is out of this world; you can feel it pulsing through your veins as you breathe in the air in the mountains.
As cliche as it sounds (and I know it really does sound very cliche!), nothing compares to the journey; the destination really is merely a means to discover the true beauty of what surrounds you.

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We traveled around the Cusco region in the Sacred Valley, before heading out on the first of many long overnight bus rides on our travels.
We were headed to Arequipa where we explored the Colca Canyon and ate ice cream and alfajores in the quaint city.

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From Arequipa we went to Puno to see Late Titikaka, well worth a visit.
We explored both the Peruvian side and the Bolivian side in Copacobana, the cutest little ‘lakeside’ town.

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From there we went to La Paz before heading to Salta in Argentina where we tasted the best empanadas EVER in a place called Cafayate at a little restaurant called La casa de la empanadas.
We unashamedly ate 12 empanadas each on the first round, and when I was asking for the second round, our waiter looked at us in disbelief and exclaimed “Wow you girls can eat”.
We also did white water rafting and zip-lining.


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From Salta we went to Cordoba where we had a few adventures, one in particular  which I will dedicate another post to! Get ready for the #classicsam story.

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From Cordoba we went to Iguazu Falls which was truly a sight to behold.

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We even managed to sneak off the beaten path down a non-touristy track at Iguazu where we then did some climbing and found ourselves our own mini waterfall to paddle in.
So now we can both technically say that we ‘swam’ in Iguazu river, even though I’m pretty sure we were not meant to be there.. Oooops.
We had our packed lunch there and relaxed where no one could see us.
A little bit of adventure never hurt anyone 😉 .

After Iguazu we were on the home stretch, a 20h bus ride to Buenos Aires where we had decided to reward ourselves for a month of dodgy hostels by booking an AirBnB.
It felt like luxury compared to where we had been staying. It was a nice way to end our trip.

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Despite all the fun times, the trip had to eventually come to an end and, tearfully, we had to part ways once more.
Alex back to university in Australia and me back to cricket in Lima.

It was weird settling back into life without Alex after spending 24/7 with her for 5 weeks!
You know when you are traveling with someone and they just become like another limb; you feel what they feel, they feel what you feel? It was certainly an adjustment!

Anyway, I had to come back to reality and find a new place to live, so I went searching and found another place in Barranco right near the plaza!
At the moment I live in a house with 12 other people and it just so happens that the majority of them are French, so now I can speak French at home and Spanish everywhere else!
It really turned out to be the perfect situation for me.
Here are a few photos of where I live in Barranco, as well as just general photos from my everyday life!

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In other news I will be going to Rio soon to play in the SAC, (South American Cricket Championships), and I will be playing for Peru which is something I never thought I would be able to say! So cheers to new, random, crazy experiences!

In the meantime, smile, breathe, laugh and take a moment for yourself today.
Go for a walk, lie down on the grass, look at the sky and get lost in it for a moment.

Much love

Sam x



One thought on “Holiday fun times.

  1. Sam, I am not sure whether a previous comment I posted when reading down to the last line of your post,where it said Comments! got to you. Then I scrolled back to the top and it said reply above this line, which I am doing. Well my love,what you are experiencing since going to Peru l0 months ago, is nobody’s business. Its just wonderful,as you are not only helping those children to play cricket and take part in this championships, but you are also experiencing so much in life and having so much fun,and to have shared lots of it with your friend Alex, well those are memories you wont forget. Am so glad you are in new digs sharing it with French friends so you will be improving with that language too,how multi lingual you will be,clever clogs!! Am very proud of you and will look forward to all you have to relate in December. God bless for now, and keep safe. Nan.


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